[Slowhand] Wonderful setlist tonight?

ollio ollio at mbnet.fi
Tue May 9 15:06:19 EDT 2006

Hi all,

Although I have heard Wonderful Tonight about 1000 times too many and sometimes even Layla gets on my nerves, I don't see how it reduces Eric Clapton's artistic status to play those two songs, that most people associate with him.
They are part of his musical legacy and he has said on any occasions, that he is very proud of those songs and enjoys still playing them.
Cocaine is a crowd pleaser and Clapton says it's fun to play. Who am I to accuse EC for playing something he likes?
And who is Richard Millard to declare, that Clapton doesn't care for the music he plays? :)
How on earth does Richard Millard know what music Eric Clapton cares for? ;)
Could he be just quessing?

I'm sure we all know better!!
And as far as I know mr. Clapton really cares for that muswic he's playing live. That is what makes him one of the best performers and musicians I'veever seen!


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