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Wed May 10 15:38:18 EDT 2006

Hi, there! My take on this is, I will repeat something I enjoy if that's the only place I can get it. I'll order the same thing in a restaurant I visit only once a year, if that is a dish I can't get anywhere else. Sure, variety is great, too. Why not get the same entrée, and try a different dessert (in the restaurant analogy). Same with Clapton. We may be able to hear some of the old "standards" on CD, etc., but if you have the man himself there, why NOT hear THAT song, along with some newer songs? Can you imagine going to see, say, BB King, and him NOT doing "The Thrill is Gone"?


Debby J.

Even if an expericene is enjoyable, do we really want to keep repeating that same experience year after year, and never try anything new? Do we keep going on holiday year after year to the same spot, or visiting the same restaurant and ordering the same dish year after year after year? Maybe some of us do, but for myself, I like to visit different places and try different things, even if what I've done in the past has been a lot of fun - I don't need to keep repeating it to the exclusion of other things.

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