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ollio ollio at mbnet.fi
Wed May 10 15:45:33 EDT 2006

Hi all,

And thanks Richard for a nice and intelligent answer.
I agree with Richard on almost all things, change is good and I love the changes, that Clapton has made throughout his career. That has made him standout from the rest, who mostly stayed in the sixties and became stiff and caricatures of them selves.

But I don't agree that Clapton hasn't changes his setlist:
Only about 5 or 6 songs were repeated from the usual setlist of the 2004 tour. He plays almost 20 songs on every concert, so that's quite a big change.
He also changed almost his whole band and even better: His guitar and shirts have changed colour and I'm not sure if he uses the persian carpet he had with him for the last tours :)

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