[Slowhand] Top 50 CD flawed / any advise? / Clapton DJ albums

joeyjay at att.net joeyjay at att.net
Thu May 11 05:16:23 EDT 2006


I was surprised that there was interest regarding this set of 50 because I figured everybody on this list had all those songs.

Although, an exception might be the version of Imagine that I have on it. I might be wrong, but I believe this to be rare. It is sourced from a DJ album and the performance was from the unreleased early show of Lennon's One to One concert at MSG. The difference is the SOUND. It has the chilling feel that Lennon is in the room with you. Quite better than the released version from the late show. Also, on Come Together, John lets out with one of his classic screams, which is so much cooler than the one on the released show.

Anyway, I just discovered that this top 50 set is very flawed for an unknown reason that I'm trying to troubleshoot.

As the songs are playing, you can hear, for lack of a better way to describe it ....."chirps".....lol.....a good portion of it plays fine, but there are chirps all over the place. And they appear in most of the songs..........I think they appear in every song that I brought into my hard drive via RCA Monster Cable connections.

LOL....I'm pissed because I put some good time into physically recording these 50 songs. A lot of them came from my vinyl collection.

In spite of my computer being repaired after the lightning strike to my house and a few upgrades, its still not back to the tight place it was when I did the EC Video Collection. Problems are preventing me from completing the 3 DVD Vol.2 with the quality that I want. I had expected to be finished with it already. The chirps are not happening when I do video-editing. I have a different problem there.

So did any of you out there ever have CHIRPS after you bring audio into your computer?....lol.....if so, can you offer any advise? My sound card was NOT one of the things replaced after the lightning strike. Could it be that?.....what could it possibly be?

For the people who requested this set, will you forgive me from sending it out. I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times and don't wish to send out something that I know is flawed from the get-go. However, if you insist to me privately, I will accomodate.

Also, while I was digging into my albums during the project, I came across a few things I forgot I had.......ie, some excellent DJ-only vinyl of complete Clapton concerts that were radio-aired. One has one of the best guitar versions of Same Old Blues I've ever heard......I'm gonna check these against The Almighty One's site. I'm sure the music is there already......also found a Clapton karaoke vinyl album.....lol

Love the cool Budweiser "this Bud's for you" commercials/songs on these albums by the likes of Robert Gordon, George Thorogood, Johnny Winter, and many others.


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