[Slowhand] Re: Classic Albums - Disraeli Gears DVD

DeltaNick deltanick at comcast.net
Thu May 11 06:05:19 EDT 2006

>> It's a shame that Ahmet [Ertegun], after all these years, still thinks of Cream as "Eric Clapton and backing band." If lead singer and songwriter had anything to do with it, it would have to be "Jack Bruce and backing band ... writing: Jack 55%, Eric 18% ... vocals: Jack 72%, Eric 27%. <<

That's one way of looking at it.

Another way is that Ahmet Ertegun accurately predicted the future. Jack's and Giner's record sales since Cream and Blind Faith split have been a drop in the bucket compared to Clapton's.

Maybe he [Ahmet Ertegun] understood something that others didn't.


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