[Slowhand] EC at the NEC, Birmingham

Michael Sawin msawin at hotmail.com
Thu May 11 23:35:42 EDT 2006

Another day, another City, another slight tweaking of the set-list. Just got
back from the NEC in Birmingham and I am happy to tell you that all is going
well. The rhythm section are really grooving together as though they've been
together forever (actually, they have) The Kick Horns add great effect on
songs such as 'After Midnight' and 'Nobody Knows You....' and the BV's are
really spot on. And also I'm happy to report that Eric's solos are no less
intense with special mentions on 'Pretending','Lost and Found, 'Sheriff',',
'Queen of Spades'and 'Crossroads'. I still feel that Doyle, although a great
counter to Derek, still looks a little like a fish out of water in the whole
context of things. He's given a solo, steps forward, performs totally
competently and then steps back out of the lime-light. Ditto Tim on keys
(only he doesn't step forward).
We were all worried that having 3 guitarists would dilute the effect but I
can honestly say that Eric doesn't play less solos than on other tours, it's
just that he's a bit like a doting parent on stage, looking after everyone
and trying to be fair. I reality it should be 'Me, Me, Me'. Who remembers
his band of late 78? (am I going back a bit too far for some of you?
Indeed, were a lot of you born by then? God, I've been doing this too
long!)). That year he had just a 4 piece-Jamie Oldaker, Dickie Sims and Carl
Dean Radle. And it rocked. He had to do all the rhythm and lead work and it
was obviously challenging but not unsatisfactory. Check out some recordings
from that year if you can. To be fair, some of his finest stuff has happened
when he has one other guitarist on stage with him-be it George Terry, Tim
Renwick, Albert Lee or Phil Palmer. The only other time I remember 2 backing
guitarists was when he had Andy F-L and the totally under-rated Alan Darby.
Actually, I quite liked that tour. Ummm.That sort of disproves my theory!
Anyways, the tour progresses, the set gets refined. And still no Robert Cray
sitting in with him on some delicious Blues number.
I think I'll mosey on up to Nottingham on Sunday, score a ticket and then
it's the run at the RAH. Time to meet up with old friends and enjoy the
brief few days of madness. And then, possibly Paris? Or Lille? Or Umbria?
Why can't I be a millionaire and just go to them all?

NEC Setlist:

So Tired/Got to get better
Lost and Found
Let it Rain
Back Home(acoustic)
I am Yours (acoustic)
Nobody Knows You (acoustic)
MilkCow Blues (acoustic)
Running On Faith(acoustic)
After Midnight
Little Queen of Spades
Eveybody Oughta make a Change
Motherless Children
Wonderful Tonight
Enc: Crossroads

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