[Slowhand] EC at the NEC, Birmingham

Peter Gordon petergordon at lineone.net
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I have to agree with Michael, The show at the NEC last week was very good indeed, excellent even. The sound was as loud as I've
heard EC play for quite a while, my ears were bursting on some of the numbers. In fact I was grateful for the acoustic set in the
middle to give my ears a rest. Talking about the acoustic set, I was wondering if Eric would ever consider doing a full concert in
this manner. I know we had Unplugged etc but that was a TV set. How about an Unplugged tour? The sound on the acoustic songs was
excellent and the audience was engrossed.

I've read a lot of knockers of this tours set list on slowhand over recent weeks, Well all I can say, after attending the NEC is
that's it works very well. The blend of new songs from Back Home and the Clapton standards is to my view a better show that the
Robert Johnson tour, personal opinion.

I'm a big fan of the 461 Ocean Boulevard album and to hear Motherless Children was a clear highlight of the NEC show for me. I'd
love to hear the haunting Let It Grow live that would just cap it all given that I Shot The Sheriff is an ever present song which
Eric has developed well over his many years of playing it.

In total we have 12 people on stage, Eric plus 3 other guitarists, 2 on keyboards, the drummer, two singers and three on horns.
I've not seen a Clapton concert before with such a busy Stage. I know that its happened before and I've seen it on video but
personally I've not attended a show like this.

All I can say is that the man maybe getting older but he can still play and even if he does need to sit down half way through he's
still very much good value for money.

I hope that everyone attending the remaining shows especially those at the RAH next week enjoy the show as much as I did.

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NEC Setlist:

So Tired/Got to get better
Lost and Found
Let it Rain
Back Home(acoustic)
I am Yours (acoustic)
Nobody Knows You (acoustic)
MilkCow Blues (acoustic)
Running On Faith(acoustic)
After Midnight
Little Queen of Spades
Eveybody Oughta make a Change
Motherless Children
Wonderful Tonight
Enc: Crossroads

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