[Slowhand] WT, Cocaine & Layla - my take

bluespower at cfl.rr.com bluespower at cfl.rr.com
Fri May 12 09:01:57 EDT 2006

First of all, I personally do not know how anyone could "lump" Layla in
with the other 2. It's like LZ without Stairway. Overplayed, would still
have been famous without it, but still their signature tune.

I still think there is not much better than putting on a set of head
phones and listening to the original D&D Layla. Powerfull stuff...

WT was for a long time something very personal to EC. It evolved into a
song that opened EC up to a vast audience. There are some versions of WT
with some pretty substantial guitar solos in them. In my opinion, it has
gotten stale and wouldn't hurt my feelings if he never played it again
live. But, for the casual female fan, I think they expect it.

For a long time Cocaine was that audience sing-along tune. Also with
Cocaine there are some versions with some awesome guitar. Again, another
casual fan recognized tune. I could also do without out it live, but do
understand why it is included.

JR - Just one man's opinion.

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