[Slowhand] Tales of Brave Ulysses on Classic Albums Disraeli Gears DVD

Kevin Wilson kevin.wilson at arivia.co.za
Fri May 12 08:22:22 EDT 2006

The band sounds particularly sour (yes I know that's a taste :-)) on the
opening parts of "Tales of Brave Ulysses" from the Revolution Club. When
I originally got this on video, I was under the impression that the
video was stretched (a frequent phenomena in the Video Age), but now the
wobbly recording (I'll give the band the benefit of the doubt of not
being horribly out of tune!!) seems to have translated to DVD. While it
is distracting at first, the wild performance soon captivates,
especially Ginger Baker, mouth wide open and still smiling with arms and
legs flaying all over the place.


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