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If we are going to have a debate about the EC setlists, let' be honest about it and not accuse each other of making arguments that we haven't made.

It's simply not the case (at least for me) that critics of the setlist on this list are "stuck in the '60s" or were expecting / hoping for a Dominos tour, and can't accept anything else (as I think you suggested in a prior post).

For me, it's all about variety in the setlist and dropping some overplayed songs where EC has seemed, at least to me, to be stale and uninvolved recently.

I'm very happy to see some of the Journeyman material, and in fact "Pretending" was on my pre-tour wish list. I think Running on Faith is also very positive.

Having the opportunity to hear Motherless Children and Everybody Ought to Make a Change is also very exciting for me - I'm a big fan of both of those - and it's good to hear After Midnight again.

So the "bashers" of the setlist and those who love it have a lot in common. We really only disagree around the edges. I and some others think WT, Cocaine and even Layla (great song thought it is) have been overplayed, and we don't feel the need to hear them (or some of the songs like GTGBIALW that were just played on the last tour) again - especially since there are so many other wonderful songs in the back catalogue (of all types and from every decade) that haven't been played in years. .

Is it great that EC is still touring? Sure it is. Is the current setlist a million times better than nothing at all? Of course. Does that mean that the setlist is perfect and couldn't be improved? Not for me it doesn't.

There's really no need for comments like those in your email.

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Hi all,

It's funny, that the critics criticize him for playing too many "obscure" songs and find the hits section the most gratifying of the show while the "fans" on for instance Slowhand Digest constantly whine and moan about playing always the same hits. Well, anyway Slowhand "Digest" is nowadays a bashing output for the fans of 60's Clapton , who never got past that glorious decade. May EC bless their soul. :)

There seems to be no way Clapton can win, but so far nobody has accused him of cashing on nostalgia and that's just great for an artist, who has been around and famous for over 40 years now.

Eric has left out all the Cream hits and there's too ways you can explain that. He may think, that after the Cream 2005 reunion it would be undignified to play those songs without the other two or he could still leave those songs waiting just in case Cream still returns....


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