[Slowhand] Hoochie Coochie - Eric Clapton CBE At The RAH 2004 Box Set Offer

Bryan Reid humblephoenix at comcast.net
Fri May 12 16:32:36 EDT 2006

Howdy Swampers & SDers:

One of the more unique bootleg labels out there is Hoochie Coochie. You
almost never see the name but when you do, it's usually something pretty
special. One of my prized possessions is their "10 Days" set from EC's 1995
tour of Japan to support the From The Cradle album, which are the best
audience tapes I have ever heard, bar none. You could easily convince
yourself that they're mono soundboard.

Anyway, their latest offering is EC's complete RAH stand from 2004. Six
shows on six nights, twelve CDs in total. They're all audience tapes, but
the quality is excellent. I'd call it AUD 5 using the Bootography scale.

The set list is pretty much the same each night, except for the night that
Zucchero joined him for two songs:

Let It Rain
Hoochie Coochie Man
Walk Out In The Rain
I Want A Little Girl
I Shot The Sheriff
Me And The Devil Blues
They're Red Hot
Milkcow's Calf Blues
If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
Kind Hearted Woman Blues
Have You Ever Loved A Woman
Wonderful Tonight
Sunshine Of Your Love
I Got My Mojo Working

WARNING: I am not including the bonus souvenir silver bracelet (supposedly
designed by EC himself) that came with the set. NO WHINING! :~)

It's the usual deal. Two sets. One to the first to reply from each group
with their addresses, what group they're going to re-offer to, and a
commitment to re-offer to the group. Artwork included on a separate CDR (the
scans of the box did not turn out well but the individual CD sleeves look
fine). If you don't hear back from me, you were too late. I will post who


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