[Slowhand] For me again,

ollio ollio at mbnet.fi
Fri May 12 17:22:37 EDT 2006

Hi all,

yes yes, during the late 90's when I first came across this mailing list,
the overall feeling was warm and postive as people who had been admiring the
Slowhand for deacdes had their first chance to meet online similar fans.
Those days were great and positive and I got to meet lots of beautiful
intelligent friends, cheers to all of them.

Nowadays Slowhand Digest has degenerated into a slowhand bashing list, where
people stuck into their past try desperately find new ways to put down mr.
Eric Clapton and his current music. The overall vibe is very negative as
some of the most active members haven't heard anything good from Clapton
since the Beano album. :). About 90 percent of the posts on this lists are
negative or putting down Eric Clapton's music. I feel I don't belong into
this group of negative people, so I that's about it for now.
These "hairdressers anthems"-kind of insults favored by some " honoured"
members of this sad old group just tell about the negative prejujudice
prevailing and I think there's no room for positive reviews from this tour
as Clapton seems to be playing the wrong guitar through the wrong amplifier.

A mistake he seems to be repeating for 36 years now...:)


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