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Kevin Wilson kevin.wilson at arivia.co.za
Wed May 17 02:37:55 EDT 2006

The whole interview had a very "gee whiz" tone to it. The interviewer is
overly nice on every comment/question and Trucks responds like a
brainless yes-man.



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Interviewer: "That's what I've been seeing in some of the fan comments
<http://www.zrock.com/zforum/about779.html> I've posted on ZRock -
comments such as "the guitar hero reawakens" and that "he's playing at
his best."

Derek Trucks: "That's really the goal - if we can get people to see
that he's playing on a different level than he has recently."

HUH?? Is this Eric's goal, to prove something? Wasn't '04 and '05 some
of his best playing in recent years?? Is he intentionally trying to
ratchet it up from there? Interesting....


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