[Slowhand] Complete Fillmore Tapes on DVD

Steve Proctor drpr at earthlink.net
Wed May 17 07:59:15 EDT 2006

Before responding, please note that this recording is being offered on DVD in FLAC format!

Due to the generosity of James V, I am prepared to offer a DVD with FLAC versions of Derek and the Dominos - Complete Fillmore Tapes (Paddington label) Live At The Fillmore East, New York, 23rd Oct. 1970 & 24th Oct. 1970
to the first three who respond and are willing to reoffer. Please include your mailing address. I will notify the winners by email. If you don't receive an email, it means you were not one of the first three to respond.

These FLAC files have been carefully prepared using Exact Audio Copy with the proper offset correction. Here is why I am using this format:
1) It is easier to trade one DVD than ten CDs.
2) After decoding the FLAC files, the DVD can become your archive copy of this recording.
3) Copying CDs is an inherently bad process. Due to the format of CDs, the burner cannot locate the exact beginning of a track. This bothers some people a lot. Two second gaps can also be introduced when copying CDs. This bothers all people a lot.

Also included on the DVD is software that I find useful. The versions included may not be the most recent versions, but rather the versions that I actually use. Included are FLAC Frontend (to convert FLAC files to WAV files), Foobar 2000 (which can convert FLAC files to WAV, convert SHN files to WAV and play FLAC and SHN files), BFC (a binary file compare program which I will use to verify that your DVD is identical to mine), Winamp and other useful items.

I apologize for the delay in reoffering this. A lot has happened recently.

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