[Slowhand] EC's pricy tickets

Fabio Dwyer downtownstreets at hotmail.com
Mon May 22 23:50:51 EDT 2006

I'm amazed when I see someone saying that it's EC's fault/responsability the
high prices of his tickets. I say that because I attended at three Clapton
concerts in my life: 1990's Joruneyman's Tour, 2001 Reptile tour (twice).
The first two were in Rio de Janeiro and the last in Porto Alegre, both
cities being important capitals in Brazil. All these times I paid something
around 20 US dollars, and I watched the concert at a free area (no seats) in
front of the stage at something around 15 meters (you americans/british do
the math). I was SO CLOSE of Eric and his band for a ridiculous price, there
were only 3 or 4 people between the stage and I. I missed only one concert
in São Paulo 2001, the reason: high price. This was the only one administred
by Ticketmaster. Why is so cheap to go to an EC concert in Brazil,
considering all the structure needed to bring the whole entourage to South
America and it's so expensive to see him in his Europe/America backyard?
That's because EC loves brazilian fans more that the rest??? I don't think
so... The problem is probably with the venues and the companies that run the

Last month we had two mega-tours here in Brazil: U2 and Rolling Stones.
Ticket prices? U2 around 90 US dollars, ran by big ticket companies. Rolling
Stones: zero, nothing, absolutely for free, their biggest audience in more
than 40 years. I've seen many great concerts here, Mark Knopfler, B.B. King,
Paul McCartney, The Stones, Santana, Sting, Neil Young, Clapton, and I never
payed big bucks for any of these concerts. Don't blame the artist for that!
Some of their best concerts are for free, believe me, THEY LIKE to see
thousands of people dancing, singing and enjoyng their concerts, but they're
only a part of a big money-maker machine and they don't have the power to
decide that alone. Who knows if some of these artists are fighting with
their management to decrease the prices of the tickets? Think about that;-)

Just my two cents,

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