[Slowhand] RE: Recording from Paris 5 May 2006

paul stewart paulstewart64 at hotmail.com
Tue May 23 04:03:57 EDT 2006

For anyone who cannot download the opening concert of this tour from
Dizeadozen, I'm prepared to burn 5 double CD's for you on the basis that you

Best wishes


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> 1. RE: Clapton in the seventies (Bryan Reid)

> 2. EC in the 70's (Scott Wallenberg)

> 3. RE: Slowhand Digest, Vol 7, Issue 201 (Bluesman 54)

> 4. Pretending from 5-5-06 show (Dan Gove)

> 5. The Price of Rock (Tony Blak)

> 6. Re: R U kidding me? (Art Arias)

> 7. A Favor Needed From A Slowhander In the UK (Len Moskowitz)

> 8. ERIC IN THE 70'S (jamt33 at comcast.net)

>From: "Bryan Reid" <humblephoenix at comcast.net>

>To: <slowhand at planet-torque.com>

>Subject: RE: [Slowhand] Clapton in the seventies

>Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 13:22:25 -0400

>EC has had his bad periods and his good ones, as well as a few truly great





>In the 1970s he substituted alcoholism for drug addiction, and it did


>his playing. There are some concert recordings from the 70s that are an

>embarrassment. That said, there are many recordings from that period that

>are definitely good to very good. And, there were some nights when he was

>absolutely brilliant.




>Clapton doesn't fit in a box, nor do any of the periods of his career. So,

>to say that his playing in the 70s was bad is at best a gross, and

>inaccurate, generalization.




>David wrote:




>"On these seventies recordings how do I know if it Clapton that is





>It's pretty hard to miss. Good or bad, EC's playing is very distinctive.


>he's never had a sideman sub for him that I know of.








>From: "Scott Wallenberg" <scottw at racerxill.com>

>To: "EC Slowhand Digest" <slowhand at planet-torque.com>

>Subject: [Slowhand] EC in the 70's

>Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 11:48:54 -0600

>I love a lot of the 70's shows and songs played.

>Yes there were nights where EC was out of it..however the between song

>banter was a riot!

>The guitar playing really did not suffer as much as the vocals.


>Personal favorite 70's shows:

>Santa Monica Civic 78

>Dallas 76

>LA Forum 75





>From: "Bluesman 54" <bluesman54 at hotmail.com>

>To: slowhand at planet-torque.com

>Subject: [Slowhand] RE: Slowhand Digest, Vol 7, Issue 201

>Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 17:54:08 +0000

>I have 1 ticket fior the 26 may in RAH in Arena Block E


>I have by on Ebay for 100£


>If anyone will buy this ticket


>contact me privately


>Bluesman54 at hotmail.com



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>From: Dan Gove <quadzila at optonline.net>

>To: slowhand at planet-torque.com

>Subject: [Slowhand] Pretending from 5-5-06 show

>Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 14:01:13 -0400

>Just listened to the flac of this which is on dimeadozen. I know the man

>sometimes flubs the lyrics, but can someone make out what he's singing in

>the 1st verse of Pretending?



>Dan G.

>Quadzila at optonline.net

>From: "Tony Blak" <tonyblakwindsor at hotmail.com>

>To: <slowhand at planet-torque.com>

>Subject: [Slowhand] The Price of Rock

>Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 14:42:18 -0400

>I will be going to see EC even though it is a bit steep, could buy a new

>iPod instead of a couple of tickets. but on the other hand I'm so glad the

>ticket prices are not the same as for CSN&Y at the palace in auburn hills

>Tickets at $253.00, $128.50, $78.50 and $53.00 reserved are on sale now.

>Even Roger Water that will be there a couple days before top tickets are



>Why is it I can't get enough of this guy in concert, may have to get

>checked into a 12 step program!



>From: Art Arias <artaarias at yahoo.com>

>To: Slowhand at planet-torque.com

>CC: mangs88 at verizon.net

>Subject: [Slowhand] Re: R U kidding me?

>Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 12:24:23 -0700 (PDT)


>Don't know exactly what you paid last time around but

>face value of the seats I sat in were $250 ea at the

>Hollywood Bowl. So compared to what the Stones are

>gouging their fans for price wise, I'd consider $125

>per ticket a bargain this time around.


> >>someone posted a link to an announcement of EC's

>detroit date on 9/23. ticket prices were $125/$85/$55,

>which i am sure will be similar here in cleveland. as

>a diehard, i am going and will spend the $125, but how

>does he expect anyone else BUT diehards to show up at

>those prices!? this is about 30% higher than the last

>tour, and he was only playing to just over half-filled

>arenas here in the states.....does his management (who

>i guess is himself now) set the prices, or the







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>From: Len Moskowitz <lenmoskowitz at optonline.net>

>To: slowhand at planet-torque.com

>Subject: [Slowhand] A Favor Needed From A Slowhander In the UK

>Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 18:34:39 -0400

>[This is only peripherally related to EC, as it relates to guitars.]


>I just won an eBay auction for a set of old-and-difficult-to-find guitar

>tuners ("tuning pegs"). The seller is in the UK and doesn't want to ship


>the US. Is there anyone on this list in the UK to whom I might have these

>tuners sent, and who would then send them on to me? I would gladly pay


>expenses and add a modest amount as a "thank you" for your effort.



>Len Moskowitz

>lenmoskowitz at optonline.net

>Teaneck NJ (USA)



>From: jamt33 at comcast.net

>To: slowhand at planet-torque.com

>Subject: [Slowhand] ERIC IN THE 70'S

>Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 02:19:35 +0000

>Out of lurking mode ---

>concerning eric in the 70's -- date ?

>after clearing the fog--i remember eric at roseavelt(?) stadium in jersey

>city ,

>played approx. 45 min mostly lying on the stage

>barely playing -- people booing

>freddie king came out -- on fire --

>cant remember what was played as i was about as wasted as eric was --

>i think i was the only one clapping -- loved it only for the fact it was

>our man.


>a day or two later

>philly spectrum


>blew me away -- played about 2 hours

>good days and bad.




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