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> 1. EC at the Albert (Susan Marchman)

> 2. Re: EC at the Albert (EddyPauley at aol.com)

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>From: "Susan Marchman" <susbastille at msn.com>

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>Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 17:44:26 -0400

>Subject: [Slowhand] EC at the Albert



>In the tour program Eric says, "...I guarantee that whatever you hear, will

>be definitely played with feeling..." And so it was! What a fabulous week

>of shows at the Albert! The triad of guitars worked to my surprise, and

>instead of a detraction or a cover it actually punctuated Eric's playing

>with a sharp exclamation mark; when EC stepped up for his turn at a solo,

>it was all the more vivid and powerful as he boldly and unabashedly showed

>who was KING. Beautiful playing inspiring tears and goosebumps and the


>of a little extra wah wah here and there on occasion was the icing on the

>cake. I was moved; that's my marker and I can't ask for any more than that.

> Can't wait to do it all again when they hit stateside in the fall...where

>security gates and security guards stand at the ready, lol.........


>So just how many RAH employees does it take to get a guy away from the stage?

> Was it eight? Ten? A guy went right up to the stage and started shaking

>his head and pounding his fists on the stage and bowing to EC right near

>EC's mic stand. EC's is singing and playing away undistracted while multiple

>red-shirted RAH employees come and go in a vain attempt to get this guy


>leave the stage area. This goes on for one and half, two songs I think?

> Seemed forever, because it was a distraction for me. Finally they drag


>away to right behind our row of seats and we hear cursing and scuffling


>almost another whole song. And this is because EC doesn't want security

>there I hear???? EC said the guy was just having fun and he wouldn't take


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>From: EddyPauley at aol.com

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>Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 08:45:51 EDT

>Subject: [Slowhand] Re: EC at the Albert



>Yes, Susan from my vantage point of the 3rd row I saw 1st hand the instance


>you are referring to and what makes that instance all the more remarkable


>the amount of energy the RAH is willing to expend on having some damn shrew


>hassle a row of people every time a camera is raised. Yet allow that to



>Priorities or sheer stupidity?


>Just curious. Maybe some of the European concert goers can address a

>question I have. Are all of the EC European shows assigned seating or is


>standing room/festival style on the floor at some of the venues?




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