[Slowhand] Jack and Ginger... at it again

jpdonoh at adelphia.net jpdonoh at adelphia.net
Wed May 31 21:05:03 EDT 2006

From the June issue of Music Mart magazine:

[MM]: Were you shocked that things hadn¹t changed with [Jack Bruce]
all these years?

[GB]: I was absolutely amazed. I mean, he demonstrated why he got the
from Graham Bond and why Cream didn¹t last very long on stage in New
York. I
didn¹t want to do it in the first place simply because of how Jack was.

I have worked with him several times since Cream, and I promised myself
that I would never work with him again. When Eric first came up with the
idea, I said no, and then he phoned me up and eventually convinced me
to do
it. I was on my best behaviour and I did everything I could to make
go as smooth as possible, and I was really pleasant to Jack.

[MM]: What were last year¹s shows like?

[GB]: The Albert Hall gig was like 1966. Wonderful. And the first
night in
New York, Jack became Mr. Hyde and metamorphosed into Bruce
Springsteen. He
sort of took over, and he played so loud it was fucking ridiculous. My
reaction was I wanted to throw a fucking stick at him, which is what I
to do with the Graham Bond band. It ruined the gig, and ruined the next
gigs as well. Anyway, we¹re not supposed to be talking about this.

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