[Slowhand] The ticket nightmare of ECAccess

Noah Seidenberg n.seidenberg at comcast.net
Sun Jun 4 23:17:10 EDT 2006

I really was almost pulling my hair out Saturday morning trying to get
tickeys for the Chicago United Center show. I went on the
ticket-rip-off-master site a bit early and waited for the time which was
11:00am. At 11 they went on sale. I only will take main floor seats or it
aint worth it. Right away I get a message that they were unavailable. This
is at 11:02. I tried 5 or 6 times and all that was available were nose bleed
seats. No way.

I then started reading EC's web site and signed up for ECAccess for a one
time only ticket access. It was $16.24. They had a more complete package for
$39.99 with a tee shirt and a few other cheap things which I passed on.
Right after I clicked ok to charge my credit card they gave me a one time
only access code to enter in Ticketmaster's web site. It wouldn't work. I
got "invalid access code". I read the site and a memo come out saying that
they were having trouble with that system and it would be fixed soon.

To make a long story shorter, finally they gave me a good code about an hour
after the tickets were on sale. I got 25th row main floor, slightly right of

I am happy with that at only 16 bucks over face value.

See you there


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