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Daniel O`Donnel is alarnmingly huge, he`s in the top 10 selling
British/Irish artists of all time and is truely truely terrible! Middle of
the road doesn`t even come close to describing him.

He`s got a market mainly of retired women I think.

I went to see The White Stripes in Blackpool last Novemeber and when we came
out 11-1130pm, sub 5C, raining and windy there were 20-30 old ladies sat
huddled in garden chairs outside the venue (Empress Ballroom) who were
waiting to get Daniel tickets that were going on sale at 9am the next

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> Sunday evening I was channel surfing and came to my local PBS station

> WNJN. It must have been one of their fund raising drives because they

> had on a show of 50's and 60's Rock & Roll. Do Wop is still a major

> cultural force for all the blue hairs living in retirement homes in

> South Jersey. The music was performed by some lame-o named Daniel

> O'Donnell. Never heard of him before, in the states, but a little

> research seems to indicate that he is big in the UK. What caught my

> attention was th close-up of the guitar players hands as he kicked off

> WT. What WT was doing in a program of 50's and 60's Rock & Roll I can't

> say, but after hearing this horrific rendition, schmaltzier than ever, I

> decided then and there that Eric needs to retire WT, if only for a few

> years. Don't get me wrong, I can take it or leave it, but having heard

> this lame version of the song, I began to think of all the lounge

> lizards and wedding singers out there who desecrate this song on a

> regular basis. It's time to get it out of the public consciousness so

> lame-o's like Mr. O'Donnell don't do further damage with the

> song.........anyone who has complained about hearing Eric perform WT

> needs to listen to Mr. O'Donnell's rendition. They'll never complain

> again!!........I think my hearing is slowly returning to



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> "As long as there are women on this earth who men love,

> there will always be the blues.".......John Lee Hooker




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