[Slowhand] Re: The SHOCKING Truth

Simon George simon.george5 at ntlworld.com
Wed Jun 7 07:15:30 EDT 2006

Next they'll be telling us that 'Layla' is also about Patti or that EC used
to do drugs! Stay tuned for more great revelations folks!
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>> http://www.pr-inside.com/boyd-reveals-truth-behind-clapton-ballad-r7101.htm


>> ERIC CLAPTON's former wife PATTI BOYD has smashed the romance associated

>> with

>> the song WONDERFUL TONIGHT, insisting it was actually inspired by how

>> long the

>> former model used to take preening herself before a night out.


> That's some cutting-edge journalism. How oh how did they ever find out

> about

> this and in such a timely manner? Why, this has to have been the best-kept

> secret in all of music!


> Next week: the shocking identity behind Derek of Derek and the

> Dominoes--you'll never believe who it really is! (Hint: his initials are

> EC!

> Shhhh!)


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> Scott Peterson

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