[Slowhand] A Civil Debate.. my take

Apurva Parikh apuraja8 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 12 12:09:57 EDT 2006

Yes, DN.. Three Cheers for Jason and debate that was so good to read, even
though a lot of the information has been shared before, just not in such a
"civil" discourse.

While there is not much else that needs to be said in the actual debate, one
can offer another opinion.

EC, whether it be age, fatherhood, been there done that attitude or the fact
he can't do it, has decided he doesn't want to play guitar as much or like
the way he played it before. bottom line.
and I dont agree or disagree with olli saying he likes the songs more now..
different strokes for different folks.

I prefer EC when he does the blues and rock, pretty much. My favorite albums
of his are either blues (FTC, Beano) or Rock oriented albums. I think
sometimes EC tends to be swayed to go different directions based on just
boredom or a alchemy of insipration from sources he's close to (JJ cale,
babyface, etc).

I'm not a guitarist, so the whole debate about his guitar playing and
techniques is a bit over my head, i did like his live playing during Pilgrim
tour and FTC, but dont think he can and wants to stretch out anymore. He'd
rather present a good show, a clean show and a technically proficient show
rather than jamming or playing loose.

I'll always admire his choices and love his playing, but bottom line to me,
EC is no different than any of us mortals, he's made choices and good old
father time might be taking its toll on him

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