[Slowhand] Kinks with Digest Submission and Transmission

EFSCHUL at aol.com EFSCHUL at aol.com
Thu Nov 30 09:20:23 EST 2006

you raise a good point, and although I've never had the issue you raise,
perhaps if the Slowhanders who are still here could form a list and send to the
web master and request remedy, this could help. this may already have been
done so this is just an idea, a blond rocker idea.

I've read posts on these "kink" issues over the last year and talked "live"
to with some of you all, about the digest kinks, but I can't say for sure if
its one issue or many issues.

there are other forums for EC, where fans can post, blog, e-mail, etc., and
some fans even "belong" to both forums.
Blond Rocker
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