[Slowhand] Delivery Issues

David Hillman hillman at planet-torque.com
Thu Jan 4 14:27:21 EST 2007

As recently noted here, many folks who use Comcast are unable to
regularly receive the Digest. I opened a ticket with my server provider,
and just now received their official response.

"I apologize for the delay in response. Comcast has been blocking
the server six.pairlist.net for several months now. Since
Comcast has recently purchased Adelphia, Adelphia e-mail
addresses are also affected.

We have not been ignoring you or this situation. Senior management is
currently trying to work with Comcast in this matter. We hope to have
some sort of resolution within the next several weeks."

So, if you are a Comcast, or Adelphia, customer, and you'd like to
receive the Digest, call your Support line and tell them to stop
blacklisting pairlist.net servers, and in general, to fix their mail
delivery system so they don't blacklist valid servers.

I doubt it'll have any effect, because there aren't millions of
Slowhand subscribers, but that's all you or I can do. Otherwise, you
could switch to a provider who actually delivers your mail.

David Hillman

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