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chucklesiv at aol.com chucklesiv at aol.com
Mon Jan 15 19:34:39 EST 2007

Um, yeah, If I want to listen to blues, I'm not going to run for my
John Mayer albums either....I am as connected to those artists listed
as anyone else on this discussion board. I don't consider Mayer to be
the Great White Hope, or the 2nd coming of The Messiah....but I am GLAD
to see someone in the spotlight FINALLY have the RIGHT influences.
Mayer's continued popularity, especially after the Trio album, gives me
hope that younger people will listen to Mayer's influences (Clapton,
SRV), and maybe back from there (B.B. and Freddie), and so on.

One of the best part of John Mayer is that he has no problem admitting
his influences. If he can turn young people on to the blues....instead
of most of the pointless crap on MTV, ...then God bless the man!

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