[Slowhand] EC tomorrow night

Shanahan mowdamowda at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 27 18:31:40 EST 2007

It has only been a tad over 6,205 days since EC toured downunder, now just
one to go.

If he plays just 5 of the songs from my dreamlist below I'll be happy:

1. Wonderful tonight (acoustic version)
2. Change The World
3. Next Time You See Her
4. Mother's Lament
5. Toad
6. Wonderful tonight (heavy metal version)
7. Tears In Heaven
8. Tears In Heaven (reprise)
9. Wonderful tonight (extended mix)
10. Blue Eyes Blue
11. Three Little Girls
12. Layla meets Lori on the Road to Escondido (a cappella)

And while I'm at it if he would also:

lose the other guitars,

don't play the loud songs,

make sure members of the audience shout out "wooo", "wooo" at regular

make the songs short, it's boring when they go on and on.

wear the Armani suit, the phantom ring, make sure the false teeth don't
show, have a shave.

Don't play any politically incorrect songs, which rules out nearly all trad.
blues numbers and songs with drug or alcohol references.

Don't throw up on stage again.

Pilgrim songs are okay in a live setting with a real drummer and Climie on
the other side of the world.


"Hey Eric, thanks for comin' on down and play what the fuck you want to,
I'll enjoy it"


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