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This from our friend Jenny Katz downunder:

Before the Australian tour was announced, the Mission Wine Estate, who hold an annual 1 day music festival announced EC as their main event. Because I didn't know at the time he would be in Sydney, I travelled to Napier over the weekend to catch the show, It was awesome. I had seen the RAH show in May last year, so was familiar with the line-up and most of the set list. Sound was excellent, especially for an open stadium and the performance was amazing.

The Sydney show, which opened on Monday night was the most incredible experience. I can only say that it was the best I personally have seen and what made it even sweeter was that it was in my hometown. Travelling to the States and UK to catch the tours over the past 5 years takes its toll, notwithstanding a heavy one on my bank balance which is, consequently, seriously haemorrhaging!

It has been 17 years since Eric was here and the Australian audiences, who for so long have been starved of an EC live experience, were noticeably charged with the anticipation of seeing the incredibly talented line up and this man in particular. I doubt that anyone was disappointed. If they were, they didn't belong there.

The moment that Tell the Truth opened the show, I knew this was going to be an incredible experience. And it was. The set list was perfect (Little Queen of Spades ... words don't do it justice), each member of the band was consummate in their performance and as usual, Eric shared the stage with his colleagues, making for a synergistic and most exquisite experience, which 2 days later is still with me. I said it after the RAH in May, Derek Trucks is destined to be the next "God".

This visit is long overdue and I hope that this is not the last time we see Eric in Oz. He gets so much better with the years and I for one cannot get over the emotive and electric feeling that prevailed on the night. A genuine night to remember.

For those interested, I have provided the link to the Sydney Morning Herald's review (there are two, from two different nights, so surf a little if you can't find the first one) and then I have pasted feedback I have received from other sources.

"Awesome concert - EC was on great form and that Derek Trucks is something else. I don't think I've heard better slide guitar, though the people next to us complained that he spoilt it and wasn't playing in time or along with Eric - bunch of philistines.

I quite enjoyed the fact that he didn't just do a 'greatest hits' set and that we got to see some of his other work. It was almost like they decided to get together for a good jamming session and invited along an audience, a gratuitous guitar fest with some fantastic solo's. "

"As someone who has waited 17 years I was over the moon. I was a little afraid that the concert might have been more slow blues, but I found that it rocked along almost from start to finish. The other band members ( although Chris Stainton is in such a master class that he can hardly be classified as another band member )were magnificent, but every time I thought Derek or Doyle were sensational, Mr Clapton would again show why he has been around and commanding such reverence for over 40 years. There are no superlatives to explain what Eric Clapton is. I was in awe, in heaven. I did check the web site today but there
are no seats anywhere near the stage for tomorrow."

Mr Clapton, it was a pleasure and real honour to have you in Australia, please come back again soon.

Jenny Katz

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