[Slowhand] Re-Some Negative Reviews From Asia and Oz

Trevor trevork1 at iinet.net.au
Wed Jan 31 06:05:31 EST 2007

I tried counting up just how many concerts EC had performed to date during the 20006/2007 Tour and honestly I gotta give up.. Maybe I am getting old.....I counted 93 recorded performances (I may be wrong). But I personally know of at least one other that does not get a mention anywhere.. God only knows how many hours the band spent on a plane travelling from one country to another and just how many countries and cities they performed in. How many lonely nights in strange hotel rooms. How many days, nights, birthdays, special family days did he and the band have to spentd away from their familes. And further more, it has not been just a matter of EC saying "this is what we will play on the tour" and we will stick to it.....The set list has evolved and changed for the better enjoyment of the fans. For that you have to practice, revise, refine and agree to. That takes time.
For F@!* sake give the guy a break....if you want kareoke...go buy it... If all you want to hear is Wonderful Tonight then these concerts are NOT and never were designed for you. That track is a bonus that maybe EC feels obliged to play. If you want guitar playing by the master and his excellent band that you may not have the opportunity to see and hear again then put your bloody hand in your pocket.



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