[Slowhand] Britney at Antigua

Kristian Gaarder Mykleset kmyklez at online.no
Tue Feb 20 05:28:20 EST 2007

A short, funny story about Britney Spears trying to get clean with Erics help:

Britney check in to the Crossroads centre last week. But her credit card was empty. Speaking at an addiction conference in Las Vegas, Clapton said that despite frantic calls to her bank Britney could not come up with the money after a massive spending binge cleaned out her checking account.

- She couldn't say where it all went but it might have been up her nose or up somewhere else in her body after so much entertainin in the last six months, Clapton said.

Source: www.thespoof.com/news/spoof.cfm?headline=s8i15186

Surprisingly, she is as dumb as she seems.


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