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Bruce Wilson kbw at mchsi.com
Fri Feb 23 03:20:56 EST 2007

Thanks, that must be it! I remember that JB went to see EC but not that it was the first Over the Rainbow. Jeff has a history of playing songs after EC has. It's cool that he still does it when he doesn't have to.

Yet another Over the Rainbow: I once saw Papa John Creach (best known for Hot Tuna and Jeffersons Airplane & Starship) play a beautiful instrumental version with his band Zulu; their guitarist was a young Kevin Moore, better known now as Keb' Mo'.

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Jeff Beck was in attendance at one of the 2 opening shows of the Reptile tour in 2001at the Royal Albert Hall (i know because I saw him there) when EC first played SOTR. Jeff doesn't like to be upstaged by EC, so I am guessing this was his inspiration to try his own version....

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