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Tue Mar 6 05:56:13 EST 2007

Eric Clapton is, apparently, on a newly-recorded, old track. Target stores has released a new label and a new compilation, including what seems to be a new track on which Clapton plays guitar. In 1976, Clapton played guitar on Stephen Bishop’s “Careless” album, on a track titled “Save It For A Rainy Day.” It looks as if the track has been re-recorded by Bishop, with Clapton again on guitar. “Stephen Bishop teams up with Eric Clapton and Brazilian guitar icon Oscar Castro-Neves on an exciting samba version of his hit ‘Save It for a Rainy Day’" (http://www.180music.com/spotlight/features_newmusic.html). The tracks on this compilation appear to be all new studio recordings produced by Phil Ramone. I've no idea of why this was done this way, other than to promote this new label by Target stores. Brian Wilson is also featured on 2 tracks, one of them a re-recording of Paul McCartney’s favorite song, “God Only Knows.” DeltaNick

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