[Slowhand] Staples Center,3/14 aka "The Derek Trucks show"

Dave gtr_player2003 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 16 19:46:17 EDT 2007

Saw the 3/14 Staples center show and really enjoyed Eric's playing, voice, the set list, and I found some of the modified song arrangements interesting. On the negative side for me was all the showcasing of Derek Trucks...a big disappointment. I wanted to hear more of one of the greatest guitarists of all time rather than some (imo) overblown, over the top, and occasionally out of tune slide playing by Mr. Trucks. Quite frankly, I was very disappointed in this show only because of the over emphasis on Trucks' solos which left me quite often squirming in my seat in painful reaction to his screeching tone and unmelodic phrasing. I know most people seem to love his playing, but for me he was almost a total waste of song time and detracted from Eric's beautiful playing which is what I came to hear. Of course Eric has to take the blame for chossing to feature Trucks so prominently, and this show made me really long for the '04 shows with only Doyle as the other guitarist.

Also Eric should have trimmed down some of these arrangements. Trading solos with less interesting players isn't very conducive to a memorable concert experience. I actually like Doyle's contributions, but I could do without the frequent piano/keyboard solos and as I've already made clear, delegate Trucks to tasty fills rather than his boring and ear irritating solos. I'm sure I'm not the only fan that was more than a little disappointed to shell out $400 to see so much playing by someone other than Eric.

On the positive side was Eric's impeccable muscianship and Robert Cray, who was really greart.

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