[Slowhand] Upcoming EC show

James Sewell jcsewell at shaw.ca
Sat Mar 17 01:50:03 EDT 2007

So EC's going to be here (Winnipeg, Canada) March 28th and I'm starting
to get excited. I've been following the reviews on Where's Eric and it
seems he is not disappointing many people, so that's good news.

Has there been any speculation what's going to happen after Derek Trucks
leaves the band on the 18th? Doyle is a competent slide player so I
guess he could take over the slide parts, but I don't think he can
replace the second coming of Duane Allman.

So do people think they will keep the same D&TD-heavy set list and just
shift Doyle into Derek's parts? Or will they take the opportunity to
change up the set list? Any scuttlebutt or wild speculation?

I for one would like to hear I Shot the Sheriff return to the set list
(they played it early in the Europe leg of the 2006 tour). In case any
EC representatives monitor this list, I'd also like to put in a good
word for Badge and White Room. More recent material would be great too,
particularly Old Love (another selection from the Europe 06 leg, and
Robert Cray joined them which would be great to see, especially since he
co-wrote the song) River of Tears, Travellin' Light, Back Home, or So Tired.

The major complaint on Where's Eric has been the lack of EC solos due to
him giving the spotlight to his other guitar slingers. So I guess
another good point to losing Derek is we should get more Eric. Although
I was looking forward to hearing Derek, but I have a couple boots from
early in the tour so at least I have heard him. He was (is) awesome.

I guess that's enough blabbering for now. Not much activity on the
digest these days, disappointing since there is an active tour. I guess
everybody just submits to Where's Eric now. Plenty of activity there...


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