[Slowhand] EC at Staples in LA

Scott Wallenberg scottw at racerxill.com
Sat Mar 17 03:09:08 EDT 2007

What a show! What a band!

Had a great time..started off by meeting the famous "Blond Rocker" at the 4
Seasons before the show in Beverly Hills and then headed cross-town and was
treated to a fine dinner at Morton's as well as VIP tier seats for the show
from a vendor.

Cray was in fine form for the opener and did not suffer from opening act bad
PA sound disease like Doyle and Robert Randolph had in previous tours.

Eric's PA sound was great where I sat although Willie Weeks' bass could have
been more up front for my tastes.
I thought Willie and Steve Jordan were the best rhythm section combo I have
heard back up EC since Oldaker and Dunn in 85. Incredible groove was laid
down. The work on Crossroads mixing in 3 different blues riffs was amazing!

Doyle had some cool tones going especially on Les Paul number where he had a
nice Blues Breaker sound!

Tim Carmen was unimpressive to me. Give me a Hammond B-3 sound please!
(R.I.P. Billy Preston)
Chris Stainton tasty, supportive a nice break for the ears from the guitar

The back-up girls were very smooth and did not interfere with any schmaltzy
arrangements but instead helped on those nice high notes that EC can't hit
very strong anymore.

Derek Trucks... Duane Allman re-incarnated...so talented and smooth. I
thought he was subdued compared to his playing with the Allman Brothers
which is even louder and more over the top than he showed at Staples. It
would have been cool if he and EC or he and Doyle had worked up some
twin-guitar harmonies like he does with Warren Haynes in the Allman Bros
band but overall I thought he was stunning.

Lastly Eric Clapton. Showing as he nears his 62nd b-day that he has earned
and all the accolades and can deliver consistently night after night as this
was the 104th show and still sounded very fresh. Thank you Eric!!


P.S.Souvenir Picks, program, coffee mug and T-shirt...thank goodness for

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