[Slowhand] Derek Trucks and the Current Tour

Jason Lynch jason461 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 10:42:06 EDT 2007

Okay, most of this is opinion, and you know what opinions are like, but you
guys got me riled up, so...

1. If you think DT is too loud, it's important to realize, that unless your
in the first few rows, you're not hearing the volume out of his amp. For 99%
of the people in the venue, how loud things are is all up to the sound man,
not to the musicians on stage. Also, if you are in the first few rows, where
are you sitting? If it's in front of DT, well, he's going to be louder than
anyone else.

2. I love this current tour. I love hearing great guitar playing, and I
think Clapton plays more than enough. DT, by the way, is not "going to be
great" in a few years. He is great. Now. He's already older than Allman when
he died and older than Clapton when he made Layla. And you know what? Though
Clapton is MY favorite guitarist, and I can't honestly claim that he's
better than Trucks. They're different, but I can't really say one is better
than the other. I try not to play the age card, but sometimes I think a lot
of people on this list haven't found a new band to like since before I was
born (1980). I hope everyone realizes how much music critics and fans would
have been wetting themselves over Trucks in the 60's. He's not going to be
great, he is great, of course Clapton has to feature him. Same with DB II.

End Rant.

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