[Slowhand] No more Trucks - thank you!!

Kristian Gaarder Mykleset kmyklez at online.no
Wed Mar 21 02:11:59 EDT 2007

Hi all, and especially Richard!

I couldn't agree more. When I go to a EC-concert I want to hear Erics fat, warm tone. During this tour I have heard enough of Trucks cat-screeming slide. When you play with Eric, you should stay in the back and glow like Billy on organ, Doyle on guitar or Chris on the piano.

Derek is a good guitarist. But I agree with Richard, he's not even half as good as mr allmann was. The way Derek plays Anyday is embarrassing. I was thrilled to see Anyday on the setlist during the start european tour, and sad that I didn't get it in any of the four shows I saw. But when I heard the boot of anyday, I didn't bother anymore...

I look forward to see the setlist from the upcomming shows, and hear boots. Now the tour is starting, and I hope Eric will come back to Europe without Mr. Trucks some time soon.


Kristian Mykleset
Oslo - Norway

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