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I'll bite, but hopefully in a non-flamey way. Here's what I think:

Admittedly, I am not old enough to have seen Duane live, but I've listened
to a lot of recordings, and when I first heard Derek Trucks (when he was
about 18 or 19), my first thought was "Holy crap! He sounds just like
Duane!" I didn't know of the family connection then, I was just looking for
good music. Since then, his style has matured into one of his own, and he
now sounds quite distinct from Duane, who, I believe, CAN still be heard as
an influence.

As far as "screechiness" is concerned. I think Duane's solo on Layla is one
of the screechiest things I've ever heard. Of course, I still love it, so
it's all relative.

I will say I think you might be romanticizing the past. I see this with
baseball fans and music fans a lot. Fastballs were always faster and tones
were always fatter back then. I talked to my dad about this recently when
the whole controversy came up. He is old enough to have seen Duane, and this
is more or less what he had to say: "If Derek's band had been around back
them, I would have followed them just like the Allmans, but once Duane died,
I would have stopped worrying about them and only followed Derek's band."
Incidentally, I've never met a bigger fan of the brothers than my dad.

That's my case. Did I hear Duane live? No. But I've heard enough recordings
to believe the Derek is every bit on the same level as Duane. Of course, you
know what opinions are like...

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