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Drick, Elaine elaine.drick at lmco.com
Mon Mar 26 09:59:46 EDT 2007

I joined EC Access just to have a chance at better seats. I went to the
San Jose show this year and had great seats, better than I had ever
gotten previous to joining EC Access. I had floor seats, row 21, dead
center. I haven't received the free stuff (calendar, t-shirt, etc.) and
have written to them and gotten no reply, so that's frustrating, but
just getting good seats is worth it to me. This is my second year in EC
Access and the first year I did receive the free stuff. Their customer
service seems to leave a lot to be desired. ~Elaine

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this is for anyone who joined ec access to get concert tickets - how
were your seats for your show? i am thinking of joining just to get the
crossroads festival seats, but the terms and conditions say that there
is no guarantee of getting seats to a show? did anyone get screwed?

i am reluctant to join, and just wanted to get some feedback. i know a
lot of our euro friends had issues, as well as some folks in the states
as well...


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