[Slowhand] Selvin

Richard Batty rickbatty at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 11:09:46 EDT 2007


Having lived in the SF Bay Area for many years, I have to agree with
Hilary and Mel that Joel Selvin goes beyong critique as far as I'm
concerned. I've been to many a show (not just EC) that I've enjoyed
only to read later a scathing Selvin review which I found completely

We all have preferences and opinions regarding what we like of EC's
current and previous studio and live output. I've written here
recently how I would prefer more EC and less in the way of solos from
DT, DB and TC especially. But as I've also written here in the past,
I'm just happy that EC is still alive and playing today and, I truly
believe, keeping his integrity as an artist.

I'd like to hear more EC solos live and fewer band members on stage
but that is because EC is STILL playing great solos as far as I'm
concerned. IMHO he is not noodling. The solo in WDLGTBSS at
Sacramento recently took my breath away and seemed like, "If DT isn't
here, I better play something to really fill in". I cannot say that
there wasn't one EC solo that didn't really touch me in the San Jose
and Sacramento shows I just saw. His playing touches me just as I did
when I heard the opening notes of Beano in 1966.

There are still nuggets - either in the live shows - or, as I
completely agree with you, the solo in "Danger" which I love. But as
Jon, wrote, the guy is 62. We can moan about this or that, but what's
the point? EC is not going to be 20 again. I'd rather just
appreciate what EC does that I enjoy, and there is still a lot of it
in my opinion.


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