[Slowhand] Crossroads Festival Help!

John Whitney jfw at insightbb.com
Mon Apr 2 12:15:03 EDT 2007

I need all the help anyone out there has to spare! I was cut out of
purchasing by EC Access, and today, I ordered at 10:01 am with
ticketbastard.com and they accepted my order for 3 tix to be sent by email.
I went back a little while ago only to learn that they had a glitch with
American Express, and CANCELLED my order. The agency says it is a rarity,
friends tell me they have it happen occasionally. The bottom line, I need 3
GA tix to the Crossroads Festival. If anyone has a spare..I am now begging!
I have bid up on Ebay, but the prices there are just silly. Any help sure
would be appreciated.

John Whitney

Chatham, IL

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