[Slowhand] Melvin-error?

Mel Boss darmel at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 2 13:14:00 EDT 2007

I believe that I errored in that my reply that should have been directed at DN instead of Apurva Parikh. It wasn't clear to me who authored the commentary. Apologies, Apurva.

As for you Delta Nick, Plishhhhhhhhhhh (that's my raspberry).

I've got some "good" band suggestions for you; bands that have never changed. You can hear them today, and they still play the same music they played 30-some years ago. Exactly the same. Nothing has changed except that the band has lost a little hair, gained a little weight, lost a little drive and voice. Let's see - there's the Moody Blues (once among my favs); ELP was on tour a couple of years back (also one of my all-time favs); Kansas, Steppenwolf, YES and lots&lots of other "great bands" that never create anything new anymore. More suggestions for Delta Nick????

In watching the Cream video, I am very glad that Eric has moved on. Neither Ginger or Jack, both known for their extreme-energy on stage, have kept up, in my opinion, and, perhaps, I have no right to expect that they should have given that it had been 35-bleeping years fercrisakes!

BTW, not tongue in cheek, my favorite moment at the SJ program was during the encore when Eric and Robert shared the mic for XRoads. I thought that was extrememly cool.

>With the commentary from Apurva Parikh, I couldn't agree less.

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