[Slowhand] Selvin

kavin blanton kblanto at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 2 12:45:54 EDT 2007

I ahve been reading all the emails about this and
havea question for those of you who think Clapton is
on auto pilot this tour. If Clapton is on auto pilot
and isn't putting forth some effort then why is he
touring? I saw him in Seattle and thought he put on a
great show and played with passion. I think he always
plays with passion. It is obvious to me that he is not
on auot pilot and still has passion for the guitar and
music in general and that is why he is still writing
new material and touring. If you don't like his
performances anymore or whatever issues you may have
then my advice is to not go and not read any reviews.
I still have the same respect for him when I first
heard him to today and forever. That is my two cents.


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