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Mon Apr 2 17:09:27 EDT 2007

Mel Wrote:

>Selvin is an ass. Apurva doesn't know that because he doesn't live in the

Bay Area and hasn't had to >endure his insufferable editorializing for the
past 19-yrs. This is the same critic who ripped Eric's >performance in 1988 at
the Shoreline Pavilion, an excellent program available in stores on a single
DVD (or >an even better 2-disc boot that hasn't been compressed to fit on a
single disc) - and every Clapton >performance since then!

>I'm not missing Selvin's point; Apurva is missing Selvin's point, which is

simply that he doesn't LIKE >Clapton. Never has and never will. In trashing
Clapton's performances (and others - he doesn't like Knopfler >either), he is
grandstanding. He fails as a journalist because he is biased.

>I thought that Clapton's tour performance at HP Pavilion was superb. I

thoroughly enjoyed the entire setlist >and all the new arrangements (with the
possible exception of Key to the HW). All the band members >performed
exceptionally well. In a word, the program showed "balance." In my opinion, this was
the best >performance by a Clapton band since 1994/5 NBTB.

>BTW, who was doing the cooking for Clapton in 1994?

>And who was in the kitchen for Clapton with the 4-piece band at RAH in


I don't know anything about this Selvin guy, never heard of him. But, I
have to agree, on the current tour EC has the other guys doing most of the
cooking. I've seen EC on every tour since 1989 and this is the first time I can
honestly say that.

I absolutely love the new rhythm section and the setlist but can someone
tell me why EC needed three guitarists in the band, add in Robert Cray on a
couple songs and you have four. I don't care about this EC is a humble guy
nonsense, when I see EC live I go to see EC to do the heavy lifting on guitar, not
balanced out between 3 and sometimes 4 guitarists.

As far as the 1994 and RAH 1990 shows, anyone who saw those shows can't
honestly say that Eric is still playing at that same level on the current tour
today, not even close! I'm talking about Eric's performance, specifically his
guitar playing, not the band as a whole. I personally thought EC's guitar
playing was much better in 2004.

I still love EC and I think he still has the chops but maybe not so much the
desire, hence the 3 guitarists in the band. The current tour would have
been SO much better with just Derek (preferably) or Doyle, not both.


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