[Slowhand] Ongoing "Selvin" discussion

Richard Batty rickbatty at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 18:13:53 EDT 2007

It is my impression that certain folks are confusing two things here -
quantity vs. quality. My preference would definitely be for less players on
stage. Nothing will probably surpass the Cream Reunion shows for me. It
forced EC to play a lot, as the main solo instrument. He said himself it
made him work really hard.

If I could have had the current tour but without DT even soloing - just
adding the Duane slide pieces to the Dominos songs, that would have been my
preference. I wouldn't really have missed Doyle or Tim Carmon. Chris
Stainton was fine if there is a keyboard player.

But iin terms of the EC solos I saw live and have heard on other shows from
the tour, there was no lacking in passion in my opinion. Fo example, his
intro on Little Queen and then his final solos on that song were
breathtaking. I could have skipped most of the other solos except maybe for
Chris' and had more EC.

I don't think just because there are more players in the band that it means
EC is on auto-pilot. There is just less room for him to solo. The passion
is still there as far as I'm concerned, as much as with Cream. There's just
less of it.

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