[Slowhand] ECDiscussion

Mel Boss darmel at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 3 14:22:33 EDT 2007

Scott Wallenberg and BryanReid wrote what I thought were very insightful and thoughtful commentary on this interesting thread, and I think that most of us are somewhat in agreement. Bryan "nailed-it" in the observation that EC isn't in guitar-god-mode any longer - even though it's difficult for us as fans of his work to let that aspect go. Eric's moved on for the time being. Rick and Scott were "touched" by Old Love, Little Queen, Little Wing - a few leads where EC stepped-out and took a meaningful lead this time around. I whole-heartedly agree! For the SJ show, I thought that EC's solos stood out in the emotion department. I didn't need to SEE in order to KNOW who was playing. That's why I love EC's playing - and I like the humble part too. That's very cool!
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