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Simon George simon.george5 at ntlworld.com
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there was one book out there years ago, I think its been updated, under the 'signature licks' series, I bought it when I first started playing and found it a bit too technical, as it went into scale patterns, etc and crossing over from major and minor. Although it seems to offer what you want, concentrating on and disecting only relevent parts of selected songs.
When I learnt to play, I found it most helpful to watch, listen and get a tab book on some of his blues recordings, for example, everytime he plays HYELAM, he puts nearly all his blues reportoire in there.
Learn this, Hideaway and a couple of others note for note, then swap some of the parts around, and you can tackle nearly every Clapton solo!
This sounds like Im putting the man down, Im not, I love EC's music, but it aint rocket science.
Also check out www.12bar.de for some of the best EC based tutorials I have ever seen.
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Does anybody have any good suggestions on Clapton style dvd:s or books?
I have this "early clapton" dvd with crossroads and jesse gress brit guitar heroes book.
I am mainly looking for typical runs, riffs, mostly cream oriented, not chords and lyrics.


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