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Well, I pretty much agree with everything that everyone's said. I saw this
tour in DC, and Eric definitely was more laid back than I'd seen him in the
But I did enjoy Doyle and Derek...and Tim Carmen and Chris Stainton...Hell,
the band was the best I'd ever seen him with...Now, I loved Gadd and East as a
bottom, but these guys brought something a little different and very cool
with them to the game.

Eric hit a solo that night on Old Love that I will remember for the rest of
my life. It was really the only time he stepped out that night...but just that
one moment...well, no one can play like that. And just that one moment
satisfied me. Because there were other things in the show that were delightful...

I've seen a lot of musicians, a lot of bands...all the greats at one time or
another. I've jammed with Danny Gatton before, and I've known a lot of very
talented and special people.

There is no one like Eric Clapton, and it's foolish, in my opinion, to try
and firmly place him to one slice of time or one moment, or one band or one
genre or milieu...it's not just the guitar playing with him...it's the whole
package of what this man is.

It would be like saying Michelangelo should only paint, or only sculpt, or
only be an architect...

So many of you guys are boxing Helena...you want him to fit in a little
niche of your liking, and you throw a little hissy fit when he doesn't do what
you want him to do.

Can you imagine being Eric Clapton and having to live up to your


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