[Slowhand] Final Two

Susan Marchman susbastille at msn.com
Sun Apr 8 13:42:08 EDT 2007

Just a quick nod to the final two shows of this great and almost year-long tour. Detroit was standard bog with a couple of magic glimmers where EC stepped out for a moment. Most notably were some hot licks on Got to Get Better, Little Queen, and, it being my first show without Trucks, I felt it a big thrill to witness EC taking on more of the weight with some wild licks I hadn't been privy to on Layla in the many prior shows--it was worth the price of losing Derek's slide, IMO. Little Wing was breathtaking as usual. All-in-all your usual "good" show, but EC wasn't in the mood to really let it fly. It was also a treat to meet Sam (finally, lol!) Thanks for the EC head-on-a stick, Sam. I saw firsthand how slowhand got a kick out of seeing those things!

Final night in Columbus...WOW!!!! Eric tore it up! He soared, he stunned, he threw his heart and soul into it and his whole body was in constant motion. It was what one expects out of a Clapton show and even diehards would be hard-pressed to leave frustrated or disappointed walking out of this one--one of the best out of the many I was privileged to see this tour. It should've been the DVD. (A buddy flying back home Saturday morning was on the same flight as a certain band member. The band member said that Eric was not that happy with the San Diego show, which as we know, was taped for DVD. I'm not at all surprised. Eric played superbly that night, but it wasn't a smooth-running show with Eric late on the vocals twice, just to name one of a few awkward moments. I hope we don't have another Nothin' But the Blues unreleased film on our hands. I guess we'll see....)

Big thanks to Eric for giving himself to us this year. I know he's ready to relax and take it easy, I just hope it's not for too long.

A shout out too, to our old friend Mr. Arias, BlondRocker, Marlene, Ron C. and Chris. Great to see you guys on the road this year.

Keep on keepin' on everybody.


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