[Slowhand] The Yardbirds last night @TheMystic in Petaluma CA 7th April 2007

Declan Lewis argyllhighlands at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Apr 8 14:35:24 EDT 2007

After almost 2 months of anticipation, we headed down to the Mystic
in Petaluma CA last night to see the latest incarnation of the band that
brought us Clapton/Beck/Page and what is referred to as the "Rave-up!"

Opening act, The Sorentinos, a local band that is a cross between the
wit and cynicism of Ray Davies/The Kinks, the quirky power-pop of
Cheap Trick and the tales of what a young, and very bad teenage girl
can do to a man that were the signature-songs of the Knack! The guitarist
was very good, with one of the greatest clean tones ever from a black Tele
powered thru a Marshall 1/2 stack and something about half again as
large as a Pignose.....very entertaining! They've got about 9-10 CDs
and a new one on the way...don't miss their "The British Blues" song,
a semi-serious ode to the greats of the UK blues movement in the 60s
that names almost everyone imaginable.

Opening with a runaway version of "Train Kept a'Rollin'" and ending the
main set with "Happenings Ten years Time Ago," the Yardbirds powered
through a strong set fueled by the refreshing talent of Ben King, the new
kid in the hot seat. This kid may not be the next Jeff Beck, but I cannot
imagine anyone doing better job walking in the footsteps of Clapton, Beck
& Page.

Stellar moments included King's nailing the Guv's parts on "Happenings"
and "Mister You're a Better Man Than I" .... "Lost Woman" ....Page's Zep
era licks and riffs in "Dazed and Confused" ... and the surprises of the evening...
"What Do You Want" and "Turn Into Earth" from "Roger the Engineer/Over,
Under, Sideways, Down" with those great underlying, subliminal JB leads
mixed below the radar, but SO spectacular!

The encore opened with "I'm A Man" and the set closed with "Smokestack
Lightning." A great night, with strong playing by all. Dreja and McCarty
were both energetic and powerful...Dreja playing a cherry Les Paul Jr.
single cutaway....

Got to meet them all afterwards, and Chris & Jim signed my pic sleeves
of "Over Under Sideways Down" and "Happenings" as well as all of the
guys (sans harp player who was out with pneumonia, the harp player
from the Rave-ups sat in and did Great!) signing "Birdland" and the new
CD, "Live at BB King Blues Club."

Chris Dreja and I talked about the night in '66 when they played with
Duane & Greg/Strawberry Alarmclock and in '67 when Moby Grape
opened for them, both years at Santa Monica Civic...they were all very
nice and gracious...John, the bass player/singer liked my JB tee and
wanted to know where I got it...liked my "Dyrewolfe" tattoo as well..

A splendid time was had by all.....

The Blue One~

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