[Slowhand] crossroads festival roll call

sam mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Sat Apr 14 12:35:51 EDT 2007

Sambo #8 - GA front row with heads on a stick and astronaut diaper - Cleveland
Rick and Anita Bailey - columbus, oh
lauren blatt-rsvd - chicago
sandy anderson + joni feather - chicago
dr steve proctor and rita - GA/rsvd - Salisbury, NC
eileen "blonde rocker" - wherever she lays her hat is her home
susan marchman - GA
jay vargas - FL
dale and davida kalina + 4 friends - chicago - resvd
rick batty - NEEDS TICKET (rickbatty at gmail.com) - CA
dan gove - NEEDS 2 TICKETS (g.quadzila at optonline.net) - NY
mel boss - CA
ron and nick ciul - Cincinnati
michael gaffigan and son - NC - GA
lance fargo (DE) and 3 Friends (MD + KY) - rsvd
sheryl liskow + 3 friends
kevin o'rourke
noah seidenberg -chicago
phil dipper and wife
shevawn eaton and gary - illinois cornfields - sec 109, row 9
alex garcia + celine - France (so far winner of longest distance to travel) - GA
steve pope and family of 4 (des moines, IA) + 10 friends (various) - GA
beth mayberry + friend - Raleigh, NC- GA
daniel and shwan shearon - shelbyville, TN - GA
EC Babe + 5 friends (NY and Iowa) - Sec 109
ellen + ? - NJ - resvd
gini gobbo - toledo

please send me a private email to be added to the list with your name and how many attending with you, where you are sitting, and where you are from....thanks!

go to http://www.slowhand.net/makehead.htm to see how you can make your own head on a stick so that we can all find each other at the show! i recommend using white posterboard, as the back of the head can act as a handy notepad to jot down the setlist during the performance!

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